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The City By The Bay
Oct 29, 2011

San Francisco

Just a few days ago, an H-1B Visa application has been filled to the USCIS on my behalf. That means that if everything goes well, I will be moving with my wife to San Francisco, the city by the bay.

This is a pretty exciting move. I cannot wait for it to happen although there is quite a bit more of paperwork to get done before that. I’ve read everything I could find about the city, in books, blogs, etc. We’ve been in vacation there too. I’ve found that people have very polarized opinions about San Fran. Some people are deeply in love with it, some people really hate it.

I find that amazing. If a place can arise so heated emotions it’s a place definitely worth checking out.

I am particularly excited for several reasons, for one, it’s in Silicon Valley, a place where technology is something you can talk, see, discuss, and practically eat. A dream come true for a guy like me.
The climate is a nice addition, I live in a place that can get as hot as 119.3F (48.5C) degrees and as low as 24.8F (-4C) going to a place where the average climate is around 59F (15C) is a welcomed change.

There are other several things that I look forward to: the culture, the access to a lot of different food, beers, wine, music, people, mindsets, flora, fauna, beaches, sports, meeting new people, building new stuff, learning new things, driving new cars, getting new habits, living in an apartment with a view, a very long etc., moving to a new country is a breaking change, a very exciting one.

This is possible thanks to my current employer, INgrooves, which as soon as they learned about my strong desire to move to San Francisco, in the interest of my happiness and my wife’s, they made possible the move. Something I will always be very thankful for.

Go up.

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