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Moved to San Francisco
Jan 08, 2012

North beach

Well, finally, me and my wife were able to make the move to San Francisco. We arrived just a couple of days ago, we are staying temporarily in an hotel on North Beach.
I am in love with the neighborhood, feels pretty safe, there are plenty of coffees, bars, and restaurants to go by. We’ve been hunting craiglist to find an apartment in this neighborhood, we hope we can find something not too expensive (although that word is quite meaningless in this city).

We tried going to some open houses down to Mission District, but as soon as we got off BART (on 16th st and Mission) and walked for a few minutes, we came back, I may be a big pussy but I didn’t feel very safe and it was 12pm. I wouldn’t be very comfortable with my wife walking down those streets alone or at night.

Tomorrow I’ll be finally working at the office, is incredible that I’ve been working for this company for two years and few months and I still haven’t worked in the actual office yet, being an independent contractor from Mexico and all. I am becoming a full-time employee because of the move of course.

I can’t wait to finally get settled, and start hunting for coding-oriented events, and start meeting people and places.

Go up.

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