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About the author


My full name is Francisco Antonio Muñoz Soto, although I normally go by bobby or ebobby (long and weird story). I am years old. I am a software developer currently living in San Francisco, but I come from Hermosillo, Sonora., a very hot city (record is 48.5C, 119.3F) on the northwest side of Mexico.

I write software for fun and I make a living out of it, I love solving problems, trying new technologies and getting involved in technology/development communities. I also love reading, playing and listening to music, watching movies, playing video games and meeting people.

Currently I work as an engineer at Expensify where our goal is to make expenses reports that don't suck.

Previously I worked as an Engineering Manager at INgrooves, another San Francisco based company focused on media distribution and marketing services, where I did system, database and web programming on their end-to-end digital asset management platform.

I started playing with computers and programming when I was 15, I taught myself QuickBasic on a 386 in the interest of writing games and graphics demos, as I progressed I learned other programming languages including x86 assembler, I still keep the code for a game programming library I wrote called CosmoX. I've moved since then onto other languages and programming paradigms, like system, database, web, desktop, mobile and scientific programming.

You can find me on the following websites:

  • Stack Overflow - where I find answers to my questions and help by answering others.
  • GitHub - I share my code, where you can read it and improve it.
  • Twitter - Occasional status update and insight.
  • LinkedIn - my online professional profile.

The site is currently hosted on GitHub using the Pages feature, which gives me the advantage of having the site on a git repository, not having to use a database (making portability pretty easy), customize the layout and the appearance of the site and use my text editor of choice.

Getting in touch

Feel free to drop me an email on or contact me on any of the places I mentioned before.